Conditions of Use

By purchasing patterns from this website you agree to follow the usage rules as below.

As electronic patterns can easily be shared and misused over the internet they have different copyright rules than you may be used to. For every electronic pattern that is passed for free to another person that is a missed sale for the designer. If you have a physical printed pattern you bought at a shop you only have one copy and it is fine for you to give that pattern to someone else, you give it away and you do not have a copy. It is against copyright though for you to photocopy that pattern and give someone a copy and keep a copy for yourself.

With PDF patterns you are getting electronic PDF files, you cannot pass these files to others and you cannot print a copy for someone else, or print your copy and pass it on as you still have access to the original pattern file, it is the same as photocopying it for someone else. The PDF versions of patterns are for your personal use only. You cannot share them at all, wether for profit or not, as this is copyright infringment.